Club Service

The Club Service Avenue of Service is where we serve our own members by providing by leading and managing ourselves to form an effective and productive Rotary Club.  We are all responsible for implementing the various functions of our club, from weekly meetings, to board meetings, to district conferences, and international conventions.  Each project we perform has a committee chair and a committee of Rotarians.  The Club Service Avenue of Service director helps oversee the committee structure and helps ensure quality Rotary meetings and projects.

We have a front desk committee who greet our fellow Rotarians and guests as they arrive.  Our Rotary Regulars are Rotarians form other clubs who join us during the winter months.  Our Rotary Regulars are a true asset of our club and provide diversity that is truly inspiring and a great joy.  The Rotary Regulars annually run one meeting and it always is a lot of fun.

In Rotary, we not only want to grow our club and improve the health of the club, but we want each member to continue to grow as individuals.  To truly live a life of “Service Above Self,” we need to reach within ourselves and determine what is most important in our own lives and reflect upon how we can leverage our Rotary club to better achieve our own personal desires and goals to serve humanity.  In that regard, we Rotarians not only serve our community, but we also can serve each other by encouraging each other and helping support the projects that we each are most interested in pursing in Rotary.  Because Rotary is a decentralized organization, the power of our club is based in the member, we are a bottom up club, so any individual member holds the power to plan a project, discuss it with fellow members, and take action to achieve it.  This is a remarkable club to develop your leadership skills and achieve your most precious life goals in serving humanity.