Presented by Friendship Force International of Southwest Florida and FGCU International Club

To CELEBRATE World Friendship – AND — Kick Off FGCU’s World Friendship Week.

Date: Sun, March 20 from 2-4 PM.

FGCU Student UnionMeeting Room #214

Featured Speakers: FGCU International Club Students will share their culture and experiences in US.    FF of SWFL info will present info on  the history and purpose for this organization.

Invited: Anyone in the community who shares an interest in World Peace & Understanding is encouraged to attend this event.

Goal of WFD 2011: Every year FFI encourages local Friendship Force clubs to celebrate ‘their beginnings.”  This year FF of SWFL is joining with FGCU’s International Club to share our cultures and to promote world peace and understanding — as well as the start of World Friendship Week at FGCU and World Friendship Month.  Members of FGCU’s Rotaract Club and Eagle Eye Club are invited to attend and share international cultures and experiences.

Purpose:  Billed as an “Excellent opportunity to mix and mingle with FGCU’s International Club members and share the FF Int’l goal to spread world peace and understanding through world wide cultural exchanges.  FGCU International students will give brief presentations about their home country’s culture and their experiences here.  Light refreshments will be served.

Purpose of Friendship Force: Increase cultural knowledge and understanding to promote world peace through cultural exchanges with other countries throughout the world.

QUOTE from FF SWFL Pres, Lou Rizk: Friendship Force of Southwest Florida ( is proud to have the opportunity to join the FGCU International Club to celebrate the beginning of World Friendship Week at FGCU and World friendship Month with our 360 clubs in 180 countries throughout the world.  All interested in learning about other cultures for the purpose of world peace are invited.”

World Friendship Day — March 20,  2011  2-4 pm  @ FGCU P. 2


Friendship Force International  History:

Mar 1  1977 — Announced by Jimmy Carter at White House & Incorporated in Georgia.

July 4  1977 —  First exchange group arrives in Newcastle and Atlanta

June    1979 —  First US Friendship Force club organizes in Albuquerque, New Mexico/Bett Beahm, President
Sept     1979 —  First International Club organized in Newcastle, England/Theresa Russell, President.

Oct      1980 —  First International Conference held outside US — in West Berlin.

1981 —  Berlin & Newcastle organize first non-US exchange.

Jan      1982 —  First mission to Moscow, Leningrad & Kiev takes place with 99 Iowa Ambassadors.

1984 —  Southern New Jersey & St Louis share 350th exchange — a mission to China.

1985 —  First Soviet Ambassador group arrives in Atlanta. . . .

Mar     1987 — 10th Anniversary World Conference celebrated at Plains Georgia with the Carters and FFI.

Oct      2001 – 24th Anniversary World Conference – Bangkok, Thailand (Sue Masters attended +Vietnam tour

w/Chip Carter.)

Mar 1  2007– 30th Anniversary World Conference – Atlanta, Georgia (Cecilia Bridge, Liz Lloyd and Darrell Anderson

attended from our club – along with over 400 people from 25 countries.)

World Friendship Day Contacts:

FGCU International Services:  Elaine Hozdik Director  W/(239) 590-7925   Fax/(239) 590-7977

FGCU International Club:        Hadiza Gamatie President and Rotaract Member

Rotarian Liason:       Sue Masters

FF of SW FL:                           Lou Rizk, President    239 -561-9164;  C/239-370-0390

FF of SW FL:                           Cecilia Bridge, Membership 239-652-0145