Under the leadership of President Jim Dati, our club’s activities are summarized below:

July 2010

07/04       Fourth of July Parade Float and Beer Sales.

07/07       Began Member Spotlight at Club Meetings (Chair, Brian Zamorski).

Meeting Speakers Coordinated (Chair, Gary Price).

07/24       Six members attended District TRF Seminar: Gerry Meyers, Sandy Scoggins, Jay Berube, Scott Alexander, Bobbi Bird, Jim Dati.

Medical supply shipment to Haiti – $1,000,000 (Jay Berube).

School rebuilding campaign in Guatemala – Chase grant campaign.

Poinsettia sale began (Dave Shellenbarger; Bobbi Bird; Len Eckert; Steve Slachta).

Began “Rotary Ugly Tie” Foundation fundraiser.

Challenged Club to become a 100% PHF Club.


August 2010

Hosted Ambassadorial Scholar Laura Moore.

Inducted PHF – Steve Slachta, Brian Olitsky, Jim O’Leary (3x); Susan Schmitt and Roger Brunswick (each multiple).

08/11       Donation to Operation Open Arms.

08/18       Held Member/Prospective Member Club Social.

Began work on Red Badge Program (Chair, John Spear).

Began work on Club Informational Brochure.

Vocational Service Award Work – Chair, Jon Gopman.

Began Rotaract Club work with FGCU Chapter.

Completed updating of Club’s website with postings of most recent events.

Four Club members named to the 2011 Leadership Bonita class sponsored by the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce (Mark Generales, Fred Partin, Christine Ross, Ike Lichtenstein).


September 2010

Completed Member Directory for posting on Club’s website (Jim O’Leary).

Initiated date for Blood Drive.

09/07       Welcomed Gift of Life Child Jasmine and her mother, Ophelia, from Belize (Don Manley, Ron Anderson).

09/12       Manleys host Gift of Life Child Party at their home.

09/14       Dinner and meeting with DG Don Thomas, attended by nearly all Board members.

09/15       DG Don Thomas speaks to the Club at meeting.

09/17       Closed Guatemala grants and began work on India water project grants (Sandy Scoggins).

09/22       Conducted first of three planned Club Assemblies (Hosts: Bobbie Bird, Sandy Scoggins).

Interact Club at Estero High School holds first meeting with over 60 students attending.

09/29       Club participates in Dictionary Day labeling (Gary Collechio). .

09/30       Greeted Zone 33 and 34 attendees at Airport (Ray Faubion, Frank Keckt, Jay Berube; Ron Anderson; Ike Lichtenstein; Clara Ann Graham; Nancy Ross; Jim Friedgen; Peter Zahner; Scott Anderson; Mike Liggins).


October 2010

10/02       Club co-sponsors Kids Against Hunger Packaging – 180+ volunteers packaging 65,000 meals (Chairs Brian Olitsky; Nancy Ross).

10/09       Two members complete RLI, Part 3 (Jim O’Leary, Jim Dati).

10/13       Blood Drive (Mark Petrites).

10/20     Rotaract Club – terrific meeting presentation by club members (Tom Burgess heads the Rotaract Committee).

Rotaract Club – begin Mentoring Program with the Club (Scott Anderson Chair).

10/21       Gift of Life Mini Golf Outing organized and held (Bob Lombardo) – raised in excess of $2K.

10/22       Dictionary Day – Distribution to four local grade schools (Gary Collechio).

Club Members “sweep” Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Awards:

Steve McIntosh – Citizen of the Year.

Bobbi Bird – Pat Lord Award (Volunteer of the Year).

Rex Sims – Small Business of the Year.

10/23       Six Club Members attend Area 3 Membership Conference (Bobbie Bird, Nancy Ross, Jim O’Leary,  Stephanie Kissinger, Clara Anne Graham, Jim Dati).

10/27       Inducted new member Dirk Novak (1).

Began “Monkey on the Back” incentive for guest invitations to meetings (S. Scoggins).

10/31       Participation in Halloween in the Park (Berube, Jay and Jessica Hoefs; Bird, Bobbi and Henry; McIntosh, Steve and Connie; Clara Anne Graham; Frank Keck;  Jim Friedgen; Dirk Novak; Manley, Don and Karen).



11/03       Inducted new member Tara Chapin (2).

11/06       Jim Dati serves as Area 3 representative for the District Governor Selection Committee.

11/10       Club approves two seats per meeting for FGCU Rotaract Club attendees.

Poinsettia sales exceed expectations.

Christmas tree committee garners $3,600 in sponsorships.

11/10       Nominating Committee appointed ( Jim O’Leary – Chair, Rick Barber, Jose Lopez, John Mathes, Bob Rozier).

11/17       Rotary Social Event @ Doc’s Beach House.

11/17       TRF Presentation to Club: Gerry Myers, Sandy Scoggins, Nancy Ross, Marjorie Rubacky, and Ken and Ruth Ruskin.

11/17       GSET Application submitted: Sandy Scoggins.

11/17       Present PHF to Mike and Wendy Arsenault (Haiti medical supplies); Bill Oehler transferred points.

Began Work on Ethics in Business Award (Jonathan Gopman-chair; Tom Briers, sponsor).

11/24        Inducted new members Joe Murgalo (3), and John Duritsch (4).

PHF Awarded – Sue Masters for Mark Shafer.

Christmas tree sales begin.

11/30       Received approval of Matching Grant #73614 for the India water project (1040 water filtration systems for the Primary Schools in Bangalore, Karnataka District, India ($12,500 award; total budget $26,000).


December 2010

12/01       Held meeting regarding WineFest for 4Q11 or 1Q12 (Mike Liggins-chair).

12/01       Jim Dati, Jim O’Leary, Bobbie Bird attend Mid Year Meetings with DG Thomas and DGE Hearn.

12/04       Concluded Poinsettia Sale – Net of ~$3,700.

12/08        Conducted Club Annual Meeting – new Directors named for 2011-2012: Tom Briers; Mike Liggins; Bob Lombardo; Don Manley.

Christmas Tree Sales net ~$15,000.

12/08       Board of Directors Meeting: Elected Officers for 2011-2012: Tom Briers, Treasurer; Bobbi Bird, Secretary.  Jim O’Leary will be President, and Stephanie Kissinger will be President-Elect.

12/11       Sandy Scoggins named GSE Team Leader.

12/15        Inducted new member Jessica Hoefs (5) and Jon McLeod (6).

12/18        Rotary Holiday Christmas Party at St. John the Evangelist – nets nearly $10,000 (Chaired by George Cohan, John Mathes).


January 2011

01/05       Club member Hank Hochstettler named recipient of the Community Foundation of Bonita Springs’ “Love of Bonita” Award.

PHF – John Spear (2x) and Rick Barber (2x).

01/12       District Grant Application – Chilean ambulance.

01/12       DSG submitted for two cases of  “Rotary Cares” Teddy Bears.

01/12       Matching Grant Application submitted for Chile ambulance.

01/12       Relay For Life Team formed (Sandy Scoggins, Chair).

01/12       January Edition of District Newsletter-article submitted concerning Shots For Tots.

01/19       PHF – Scott Anderson; Honorary PHFs to Lisa Spear; Jody Horein.

Club Assembly Conducted – second for the year; third Club Assembly scheduled for 04/20/2011.

Approved gift/donation on behalf of Sarasota Southside Rotary for Rotary Cares Teddy Bears.

                Inducted new member Hal Cooper (7).

01/22       Rotarians take part in Harry Chapin Food Bank Walk, led by Sandy Scoggins.

01/24       Confirmation of Matching Grant Application #74421 for Ambulance purchase for community hospital in Santa Fe’, Los Angeles, VIII Region del Bio-Bio, Chile (award of $18,587.00).

01/25       Dinner with Maria Ester Lopez Orellana, DG of 4360 Los Angeles, Chile, and Francisco Socias Ibanez, PDG 4360, concerning Matching Grant #74421.

01/26       Maria Ester Lopez Orellana, DG of 4360 Los Angeles, Chile, and Francisco Socias Ibanez, PDG 4360 attend Club meeting.

01/26       Bestowed Presidential Citation for the Five Avenues of Service upon Jay Berube.

February 2011

02/02       Inducted new member Patti Dennis (8).

02/05       ~33 Club members and guests attend the District 6960 Hockey game in support of Kids Against Hunger Million Meal event; nearly 130 District Rotarians attended.

02/11       Rotaract Club Mentor/Mentee event at FGCU.

02/23       Began work on C.R.E.W. Concert fundraising event (beer sales – Patti Dennis, Chair).

02/23       Presented five $1,000 scholarships to FGCU Rotaract Club members.

02/23       Presented PHF to Klaus Helf (2x).

02/26       One Club Member attends RLI (Jay Berube).

02/26       Confirmed Club member as Major Donor to TRF.

March 2011

03/02       Inducted two new members (Rolando Rivera (9) and Eugene Hoyt (10)).

03/02       Wheelchairs for Haiti Challenge of $2,500 in matching grants from Club Foundation announced to membership (Mark Generales, Chair).

03/03       Confirmed public service announcement for Club on WGCU-TV (PBS) as a result of donation.

03/04       Club designated as a Paul Harris Society Club by District.

03/05       Confirmed 21 PHFs to be awarded to Club members/honorees.

03/07       Confirmation of Matching Grant #74421 payment in the amount of US$45,674.00.

03/08       Confirmed two Benefactors to TRF.

03/07       Opened men’s college basketball brackets for Relay for Life Team fundraiser.

03/09       Wheelchairs for Haiti Presentation to Club – Steve Agius.

PHF – Peter Zahner (2x) and spouse (honorary).

Board approves $900 grant to co-sponsor City of Bonita Springs Movies in the Park (04/09/2011).

Six Board members commit to attend the District Conference in Cape Coral.

03/11       Submission of DG Award and Presidential Citation Award forms to DG

03/16       Rotary Regulars – Meeting

Guatemala Trip – Sandy Scoggins, Jay Berube, Mike Liggins

03/19       CREW Concert (Fundraiser) – Patti Dennis, Chair; Bobbi Bird; Peter Zahner; Jim Renfro

PHFs Awarded

03/30       Guatemala Trip Presentation – Sandy Scoggins, Mike Liggins, Jay Berube

Rotaract Club presentation by Yan

PHFs Awarded

BOD approves co-sponsorship of Wine Tasting Event at District Conference


April 2011

04/02       Rotary Run 5K

04/02       Team Rotary wins Chili Cook-off at Celebrate Bonita (First Place – Judges; Third Place –People’s Choice)

04/08       Relay for Life Team Rotary

04/20       DG Don Thomas attends Club meeting

Honorary PHFs awarded to Ms. Hoefs and Ms. Castro (Jay and Jessica’s moms)

FGCU Rotaract Club takes three of six club awards – Best Social Event; Most Improved; Best Club Overall

Formal announcement of Matching Grant Program in Bangalore India to provide water filters

04/27       Received “Rotary Park at Leitner Creek” design plans.

Third Club Assembly held.

04/30       Rotary Reverse Raffle – raises ~$15,000.


May 2011

05/04       Club Presentation devoted to Million Meal Packaging Event

Club Foundation awards seven $1,000 scholarships to Interact Club recipients

S. Scoggins relates information on GSE Team presentations

05/14       Million Meal Packaging

05/18       GSE Team w/ Scoggins as Leader heads to Poland 5/20

Wheelchairs donations total ~$3,000 ($6,000 total from members and Foundation).

05/25       Memorial Day Remembrance


June 2011

6/4           Ambassadorial Scholarship candidate Joseph Cofield interviewed by District Committee.

Submitted application for S4TL candidate – Rich McCaw

Club Installation Banquet:

Sue Masters – Major Donor

Lorenz (10) and O’Leary (2) PHFs bestowed

Lombardo, Liggins and Manley as new Directors

Tom Burgess – Rotarian of the Year Award

Jay Berube – Service Above Self Award

Len Eckert – “Go To” Award

6/11         District Conference (The Resort at Marina Village, Cape Coral, FL):

RI Presidential Citation with Distinction

District Governor’s Award

FGCU Rotaract Club – Presidential Citation

Club President of the Year – Jim Dati

Member’s attending: Jay Berube, Jessica Hoefs-Berube, Clara Ann Graham, Sue Masters, Nancy Ross, Bobbi Bird, Jim O’Leary, Ron Anderson, Jim Dati

6/15         Club Contributes $500 to Bonita Springs Elementary – Principal David Short

6/22         Inducted New Member – Chris Riesen (11)

PHF – Mark Generales

6/29         TRF Benefactors – Bobbie Bird, Jim Dati

Shots For Tots Recognition to Kim White (Lee County Health Department)


Ben Nelson                           Rotary Fourth of July Float

Brian Zamorski                     Member Spotlight

John Spear                            Mentors

Tom Burgess                        Rotaract; New Member Orientation

Scott Anderson                    Rotaract Club

Don Manley                          Gift of Life

Ron Anderson                      Gift of Life; BOD

Jay Berube                            Haiti Medical Supplies; Christmas Trees; Rotary Run: BOD

Nancy Ross                          Kids Against Hunger: BOD

Brian Olitsky                         Kids Against Hunger; Rotary Run

Jim O’Leary                           Rotary Run; Nominating Committee: President Elect; BOD

Mark Generales                    Wheelchairs for Haiti

Gerry Myers                          TRF Chair

Patti Dennis                          C.R.E.W. Concert

Steve Krchniak                     Songmeister

Greg Holtz                             The Spoke; BOD

Mark McCaw                        The Spoke

Gary Price                              Speaker Chair: BOD

Dave Shellenbarger             Poinsettia Sales

Bobbi Bird                             Assistant District Governor; Poinsettia Sales; BOD Relay For Life; BOD

Len Eckert                             Poinsettia Sales; Christmas Tree Sales; Rotary Run

Steve Slachta                        Poinsettia Sales; Estero High School Student Awards

Gary Collechio                      Dictionary Day

Sandy Scoggins                   International Projects; Guatemala; Relay For Life Team Captain; BOD

Ike Lichtenstein                    Attendance; Christmas Trees; Rotary Run; Assistant Treasurer

Mark Petrites                        Blood Drive

Bob Lombardo                      Mini Golf for Gift of Life

Dick Fredricksen  Shots For Tots

Bob Lorenz                            Invocation Speakers

George Cohan                       Christmas Party: Reverse Raffle

John Mathes                         Christmas Party

Bill Banfield                           Social Chair; Front Table

Dirk Novak                            Front Table

Thomas B. Briers Treasurer; BOD

Ken King                               BOD

Stephanie Kissinger            Secretary

Susan Schmidt                      Public Relations

Mike Liggins                         Rotary Park at Leitner Creek Project


Rotarian of the Year:  Tom Burgess

Service Above Self: Jay Berube

“Go-To”: Len Eckert