Bonita Springs Rotarians Sandy Scoggins, Jay Berube, Mike Liggins and Jess Hoefs visitied Guatemala last week, visiting a local school and performing many other important projects to serve Rotary.  The Rotarians installed stoves in Maldonado and met with the village of Santa Cruz about developing a project to build latrines to improve sanitation and local water quality.

We are so proud of Sandy, Jay, Mike & Jess for their awesome service to Rotary and humanity.  The Guatemalan people are blessed to have these people involved in their villages and towns and we are grateful to have them as our fellow club members.  The trip triggered several Guatemalan and other US Rotary clubs in discussions about collaborating with two local non governmental organizations and Mayan villagers to pilot the latrine project.  There was very good networking and collaboration with these organizations on both days.

Two large bags of stuffed animals were donated by Sadie, Molly & Amy O’Leary, ages 9, 8 and 4 respectively and given to Sandy Scoggins to take with her to Guatemala.  The stuffed animals were distributed to Guatemalan children and the kids loved them.  Rotarians had a great opportunity to visit the children’s school and played games with them and overall had a blast serving Rotary.  Serving humanity is Rotary’s destiny and by important trips such as this we are working to improve the world, making it safer, healthier, and happier.