Once again this year, our club will sponsor a Gift of Life child under the leadership of our Gift of Life Chairman Ron Anderson.  Gift of Life is a Rotary program started over 35 years ago which provides open heart surgery for needy children from all over the world.  These children have serious heart defects and their families cannot afford the necessary surgery.  It is estimated that over 10,000 lives have been saved to date through Gift of Life.
Our child this year is a four year old girl, Jasmine Chiac, from Belize.  She and her mother, Ophelia, will arrive on September 7th in Miami and we hope to have them join us for our club meeting on the 8th.  Jasmine will enter Joe DiMaggio hospital in Hollywood, Florida, on the 14th and is due to have surgery two days later.  If all goes well, she will be released by the end of the following week, September 24th, and will rejoin us for the rest of her stay until she is cleared to go home during the first week of October.
Don and Karen Manley have graciously volunteered to be the host couple this year.  They hope to bring Jasmine and her mother to our club meeting one more time, probably September 29th, before she returns.  Of course, complications during recovery could delay this schedule.  Please visit this site for updates.