photo 5Last night I had the pleasure of watching my fellow Rotarians put on a production of the classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” a radio play. This was a fantastic show with a great message.

The production was the brainchild of Rotarian Bob Lombardo who has graciously lead our club throughout the process from inception to live production. Bob’s brother, Dan Lombardo, a professional director and veteran stage producer has been the leader of the actual production. A huge thank you goes out to Bob and Dan for their tireless work putting this 2

The final show is tonight, February 13, 2014. All of our profits from the show are given away to charity. Tickets are still available if you are interested in purchasing and helping our club.

The story is a wonderful reminder to us all that we should be grateful for the life we have. That even though we may face problems, challenges, disappointments, and even sometimes odds that may seem impossible to overcome, that there is always hope. And further, that with the help of friends sharing a common purpose we can work together in harmony to improve our lives.

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Bonita Springs, we want to thank all of the community who have supported our play. It truly is a wonderful life when you are a Rotarian. There is nothing like the feeling of experiencing the love of Rotary, the joy of good friendship, and the togetherness of working together to make our community and world a safer, healthier, more educated and loving place. Please come out tonight to join us at Saint Leo’s Parish Life Center and enjoy the play.

Jim O’Leary