1) Why do I need to be a Christmas Tree Sale and Charity Event Sponsor?

Well, we could answer this in quite a few ways. We could talk about all the great things the Rotary Club of Bonita Springs does with the proceeds but you are aware of all that. In fact, very little could be accomplished without members such as yourself!  We could talk about how unique our Christmas Tree Sale is.  We could talk about how the activity of the sale itself gives all of us a chance to meet and talk to the public about Rotary, how we all get to hang out with our Rotary friends and get to know new members, finally how we help make Christmas Joy more accessible by having real trees that our customers can choose for themselves.  Yet, there is a better reason!

The club has contracted for close to $ 7,000 of print media advertising where your company name and logo will be highly visible as a sponsor!

v  Two – 2 column x 10” color ads in the full run of the newspaper (News-Press).  Wow!

v  Four – 2 column x 10” color ads in Bonita & Estero Life , B.E.E. Buzz, and South Fort Myers Life community newspapers  For Real!

v  Two- Full Page Color ads in THE BANNER – What a deal!

v  We are attempting to have radio spots and the Santa Clause Sponsors ($500) will be mentioned in those ads. Great if we get it!

v  In addition

o   Your company name at the tent,

o   in the tent,

o   on top of the tent, HUGE BANNER FACING Bonita Beach Road!,

o   on the club website,

o   mentions at the meeting and

o   name on a poster board at the meeting

o    Maybe I’ll beoverexposed? Of course not – you’ll have just perfect exposure being associated with an organization like Rotary!

v  Plans are in the works to use social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and Foursquare to create a “buzz” and “shout out” the name of sponsors and participants – Paparazzi?  No – just Jay and Ike taking photos and video! Cool!

2) I wish I could get all this advertising and exposure for a bargain price! You can by becoming a Santa Clause ($ 500), Santa’s Helper ( $300) or Candy Cane Sponsor ( $ 100)  Of course your total benefits depend on how much you spend!

3) I can imagine my company name all over the place and how much my sponsorship will mean to the club and how good it will feel to get all those calls from new customers.  Can I do it? Of course you can!  You have stepped up before without all these additional benefits. You can imagine your company name posted everyday on a banner across from City Hall! You can dream about all the cars stuck in traffic waiting for the light to change at Arroyo Road! And finally, just imagine how happy you will make Jay and Ike by giving them a call!   Call Jay 357-9588  Ike 896-5440 with your order and they will give you all the details!!

4) Will Ike give me a make up for reading this whole email? No – but nice try!