wheelchairFoundationLetter from our Wheelchair Foundation coordinator:

My recommendation is that travelers arrive on the 7th of February (Thursday), then distributions on Friday and Saturday, on Sunday perhaps some sightseeing etc, and departure back to the US on Monday (unless travelers want to go on to the island of Roatan for beaches, snorkeling etc.).

The Rotarians are working on a detailed agenda for Friday and Saturday, perhaps also something for Sunday. They will pick travelers up from the airport – so no worries. All of those details will be settled. It always takes a long time for an agenda to come about. The key right now is that the travelers are able to look for and book plane tickets depending on how long they plan to stay.

We have pretty much settled on two distribution dates: February 8 and 9th. It will take a while to have an agenda but the key is that on both days there will wheelchair distributions. And we have a hotel suggestion: one of the Rotarians owns a boutique hotel to open in January. It is in the prestigious hotel district. It sounds absolutely lovely. Rooms will be US$60 single and US $70 double.

I am going to be out of the office from December 15th through the end of December. It would be great if by early January, you could let me know who might/will travel to Honduras. I expect we will have an agenda toward the middle of January. The wheelchairs are estimated to arrive on January 9th – so the Rotarians first priority will be to get the wheelchairs out of customs.

My suggestion is to be Honduras on the 8, 9, and 10th – so you can least do a little sightseeing on Sunday. Of course there are also lovely islands off the coast of Honduras for sunbathing and diving.

With Kind Regards,

Eva Carleton

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The Wheelchair Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to deliver a wheelchair to every child, teen and adult who needs one but cannot afford one – bringing new independence to those deprived of mobility by war, disease, accident, natural disaster or advanced age. The total cost to purchase, ship and deliver a wheelchair to a person in need worldwide is $150. Every donation we receive helps us deliver a wheelchair and supports our humanitarian mission. To make a donation – please visit our website at http://www.wheelchairfoundation.org or call toll free 877.378.3839. If you are interested in a specific country and/or wish to participate in a distribution trip, consider sponsoring an entire container of 100 to 280 wheelchairs. For those details, please contact our Operations Staff at 925.648.3844.