Rotary International will be celebrating it’s 106 year anniversary this Wednesday, February 23, 2011.  In an effort in increase member awareness and understanding of the web site and how to donate online to the Foundation, Rotary International has decided to award members double recognition points for making individual donations online.  Here is a list of questions and answers on how to do this.  This is a rare opportunity for Rotarians interested in building their Rotary International Foundation Contribution Recognition.  Please consider making a donation.  Thank you very much.

Contribution Questions

Q. How do I register for Member Access? A. On the homepage, click the Member Access button in the top right corner, then click Register Now to create an account. You need a valid e-mail address to create an account. You may be asked to provide additional information to help us determine your relationship with Rotary International and match you with your record in our database. You will receive a verification e- mail with a hyperlink within 24 hours. You must click on the verification link to complete the registration process. If you do not see the e-mail in your Inbox, check your Spam/Bulk/Junk folder.

Q. How do I contribute to APF online? A. Once you are registered for Member Access, you can contribute at Please note that Rotary’s online application is currently only available in U.S. dollars.

Q. Is there a minimum contribution amount? A. All contributions to the Annual Programs Fund (APF-SHARE) of US$100 or more will receive double Recognition Amount. Contributions of less than $100, while greatly appreciated, are not eligible for the promotional recognition match.

Q. Can a club treasurer donate online for an entire club? A. Online contributions can’t be made on behalf of another individual, club, or district. Each individual will have to personally contribute online to benefit from this promotion. Corrections will not be accepted for online gifts.

Q. Can clubs make online contributions? A. Only individuals can contribute online; clubs and districts cannot.

Q. Why is this only for online contributions? A. The goal is to encourage more Rotarians to experience the Foundation’s easy online giving application. Administratively, online gifts are the least expensive contributions to process.

Q. Will I receive a tax receipt for my contribution? A. Donors will be able to print their own U.S. tax receipts at the time of donation. This is the only way the donor will be able to obtain a receipt; tax receipts will not be mailed to donors. Donors outside of the United States may not be able to receive tax benefits for contributing via

Q. Why 23 February? A. The date was chosen in honor of Rotary’s birthday. There is no specific time zone associated with the scheduled promotion. Every donor will be eligible to participate during the 24-hour time period of 23 February in their respective time zone.

Q. What amount is credited toward my club’s APF goal? A. Only the amount of the APF-SHARE contribution will count toward a club’s annual giving goal and per capita. The recognition match portion will be applied to the donor’s record for Paul Harris Fellow recognition only.

Recognition Questions:

Q. If the donor is not already a Paul Harris Fellow and contributes $500 online on 23 February to APF-SHARE, will the donor become a Paul Harris Fellow? A. Yes. The donor will receive a Recognition Amount of 1,000 for their $500 contribution, which would make the donor a Paul Harris Fellow. Once the donor reaches 1,000 in Recognition Amount and becomes a Paul Harris Fellow, any additional contributions will result in the equivalent in Foundation Recognition Points. These points may be used to name others as Paul Harris Fellows.

Q. If the donor is already a Paul Harris Fellow and contributes $500 online on 23 February to APF-SHARE, will the donor become a PHF +1 and will they be able to name someone else a Paul Harris Fellow? A. The donor will receive a Recognition Amount of 1,000 for their $500 contribution. The Foundation Recognition Points will reflect the amount of the actual contribution made, so the donor will receive 500 Foundation Recognition Points. Since the Recognition Amount is used for personal Paul Harris Fellow recognition, the newly added 1,000 recognition amount will allow the donor to become a PHF+1. Unless the donor already has sufficient Foundation Recognition Points in their account, they will not have the 1,000 Foundation Recognition Points required to name someone else a Paul Harris Fellow.

Q. When will I receive my double recognition credit? A. The Foundation is expecting a high volume of online contributions on 23 February due to the double recognition opportunity. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the promotional recognition to appear.

Q. How do I receive my recognition materials? A. If donors become Paul Harris Fellows because of their 23 February online contribution, the recognition materials will be automatically sent to their club president.

Q. May I use my doubled recognition amount to name other Paul Harris Fellows? A. No. Although you will receive double recognition for yourself for your contribution to APF- SHARE, you will not earn double Foundation Recognition Points, which are used to name others as Paul Harris Fellows. However, the standard accrual and Foundation Recognition Points transfer guidelines will apply.

Q. Will my $5,000 contribution make me a level one Major Donor? A. No. Only the actual dollar amount of the personal contribution made online will count toward Major Donor recognition. A $5,000 gift would receive double Recognition Amount and be eligible for the highest multiple Paul Harris Fellow recognition, but only the outright contribution amount will count toward Major Donor recognition.

Additional Questions: