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I can not begin to tell you how I felt when I asked for you to join me in support of the Easter food baskets for Mayan Families in Guatemala- and you donated $910 !!!.  I want to give a special thank you to Don Manley for challenging us with matching funds.  There are 26 families that will have a meal for the holiday because of your generosity.   Wow!   

Please feel free to read the email below from Mayan Families.  It also contains a link to their web site so you can see more of the excellent work that this organization does for the Mayan people of Guatemala.  Sharon is the Director that I spoke of in my recent presentation.  She is truly the “Angel of Lake Atitlan” .

Sandy Scoggins

Semana Santa ( Easter) is celebrated in Guatemala with eating fragrant sweet breads and drinking hot chocolate. 

Malnutrition and hunger are huge problems for the indigneous Mayan communities. 

The families that we work with do not have enough to eat nor can they afford the traditional celebration foods. 

Easter is a time of sharing…we would like to be able to give these families a basket of food to be able to celebrate Semana Santa .

This basket will include:

A chicken.  



Incaparina – a fortified cereal.

Oatmeal – to make the customary drink of mosh.



A block of chocolate to make cocoa.

These foods will be given in a large re-usable plastic basket that has many uses in a Guatemalan household.

* some food items may be substituted due to availability.

Please consider giving a basket of food for a family.  It will mean a great deal to them. It may be the difference between going to bed hungry again ………or not.

Your gift of a food basket or any donation that you would like to send is so valuable in helping break the cycle of the crushing poverty that these children and families endure.

If you would like to give a basket of food to a needy family or if you would like to nominate a basket for your sponsored student and their family, please send a donation of $35 to the  Community Aid Project,  Mayan Families, either through our website…

 or send a check to:

Mayan Families

2609 Hartford St.,

San Diego. CA 92110-2315.

Tel: 619-200-6800

Please send your donations in on or before April 6th. Please remember that we accept donations for much needed food and our many other projects year round. No donation is too small.

To help as many families receive food as possible, please consider forwarding this email to your family and friends and please post it on your personal blogs, social networking sites and websites….together we can make a difference.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Spring time,

Sharon Smart-Poage