wheelchairAs this project was started in our previous Rotary year and completed in our present one, I thought it important to include all involved club Presidents and AGs from Area 3 in this email report.

This past weekend, Bonita Rotarians Bob Lombardo and Klaus Helf, along with Bonita Noon Rotarians Gary Dworkin and me were in Tegucigalpa Honduras to deliver the wheelchairs all of the clubs in Area 3 donated to over the past 7-8 months. We were hosted by an amazing group of Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Tegucigalpa while we were there. They treated us both as visiting dignitaries and as family members during our 48 hour stay with them. It was a pretty incredible fellowship experience to say the least. We have made dear friends with some wonderful people as a result of this joint project. We will never forget them, nor will they forget us.

Of the 280 wheelchair container which we helped to send to them we physically helped place well over 100 people into wheelchairs on Saturday and Sunday, and delivered about another 30 to 40 to 3 area hospitals who were in dire need of wheelchairs.

The folks we placed into the chairs ranged in age from small children only a couple of years old to elderly men and women. They were also in tremendous need of the chairs. I can promise you that this experience had a significant impact on those of us who were fortunate enough to be able to make the trip. It was profoundly affecting.

We all took a lot of photos, and at some point in the near future hope to be able to do a formal presentation to your clubs. In the meantime, you might recognize the participants at your next regular meetings. I will also be putting together an article for our District Newsletter with some photos as well.

Millard and Sally; I have a certificate of appreciation for your club from the Tegucigalpa club which I will get to you as soon as I can.

Finally, I wish to thank all of you who provided the vision and leadership in Area 3 to put this project together. You all vigorously promoted it and supported it and made it a successful joint club effort. We made a lot of people smile this past weekend, and we touched a lot of hearts and significantly impacted a lot of lives. I have never been thanked so much in my life by so many folks in such need.

Thank you all for making this project possible, I am forever grateful.

Steve Agius