RFE-4c_ENIn the history of our wonderful club, I do not believe we have had the opportunity to share our Club, and Bonita Springs,  as we will in February 2015. It has just been announced to the Presidents of District 6960 that we will be participating in 2 Friendship Exchanges. For hosting convenience, our District will be divided into2 teams from Clubs North and South of the Peace River.

Sandra Scoggins, yes, our very own Sandy, ( sandrascoggins@gmail.com) will lead the Southern Team and handle the details of the Exchange with D3190, Bangalore – Southern India. This team will probably be going in February 2015 and hosting in May of 2015.

The Northern Team will travel to D1870, Dusseldorf  – Northwest Germany, probably in September 2014 and Host in November 2014. A veteran of the Rotary Friendship Exchange is being sought to lead this team. PDG Richard Rehmeyer (rcr.mdpa@Verizon.net ) will take the requests, temporarily.

The same teams of 4 – 6 Rotarian couples host, and then go, to a foreign district for an incredible 10 – 14 day experience of fun, fellowship and a cultural exchange. Or, in our case, go first and  then host 4-6 Rotarian couples from the other District!

Now, THAT doesn’t sound like MY FATHER’s stuffy old Rotary Club, does it? There will be, of course, a lot more information to follow, but, if you’re interested , better make sure your Passport is up-to-date!

What FUN!!

In the Spirit of Rotary,

Bobbi Bird
Club President, 2013-2014