Poinsettias are selling fast!

Our club Poinsettia sale has just 2 weeks to go, and it is very important that all your friends, neighbors and co-workers (don’t forget your vet, your dentist, your interior decorator etc) get a chance to enjoy these plants and use them to decorate thier homes and businesses for this Holiday season.

You don’t want to be on Dave’s “No Order List”!

Sales, so far, total over 600 plants. Great job to those of you who have turned in these orders, we all appreciate your efforts.

Please bring your orders to tomorrows meeting to get them included in the count.

Here is the Poinsettia Order Form. There will also be order sheets available at the meeting.

Thank you all for your support with this elegant fun-draiser.

Yours in Rotary Service,


Barbara L. G. Bird